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Decisions, Decisions! Keeping Calm When Organising Your Wedding

July 21, 2014

With 2014 boasting some of the biggest celebrity weddings, including Kimye, Fearne Cotton, Poppy Delevingne and even the surprise Cheryl Cole announcement! It is safe to say I am having true bride envy. I am sure every bride has this feeling after they’ve married, I just want do it again and again!

Wedding season so far this year has been full of much romantic celebrations and it has been great, so many happy couples and beautiful brides have tied the knot and each day has been different! It has made me think about just how special these days are, and how important it is to go with what you want instead of bowing down to any peer pressures.

Organising a wedding is hard, very fun and exciting, but still incredibly difficult. You are faced with so many decisions and plans and options it really is overwhelming! Which is why when I read an article earlier, 10 Ways To Not Make People Hate You As A Bride, I did chuckle because it is so easy to turn into a Bridezilla from all of the stress, which is one part of the wedding I don’t miss!

The Make Up

If you take a look at the big celebrity weddings you can see what I mean. Kim and Kanye’s was a hugely lavish affair, with the Louvre as part I and Florence as part II, I mean, who can compete with that! Even still, Kim stuck true to what she knows and trusts by using her age old friend Mario Dedivanovic for her make up, so much so that they didn’t even have a trial!

Personally, as I have mentioned before, I went for a makeup artist in Surrey for my big day just because I wanted something extra special and I get myself into a right flap getting ready under pressure. Yet for my best friend’s wedding, she wanted to do it herself so that she could have complete control over how she looked (and she did look gorgeous). Neither of our days were ruined in the slightest by our choices, even though we did the opposite. My advice to all brides-to-be, go with what you know.

The Dress 

Similarly, Mary Kate and Ashley have caused a stir by creating their friend, Molly Fishkin’s, wedding dress, and boy was it beautiful! Obviously having super stylish, celebrity fashion pals helps to choose which wedding dress you will wear, but it goes to show that it is entirely up to you. Mary Kate and Ashley have not designed a bridal gown before so of course it was a risk, but it paid off. Other celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Poppy Delevingne chose designers that they were familiar with and had already built up a rapport with and trusted.

For your wedding dress choice, find out what works with your body shape. If you never wear sweetheart necklines because you are heavy chested, or an apple shape, do not think that you wedding day will be exempt. Always choose a design that is flattering and that you feel comfortable in, because you can’t just de-tag your wedding photos!

The Laughs

The most recent star studded wedding bash was for Adam Levine and his supermodel girlfriend Behati Prinsloo (now that is a good looking couple!) Although I have not managed to find official photos of the bride (yet!) it has emerged that not only did they have funny man Jonah Hill officiating the wedding, Stevie Nicks also performed! Now for these celebrity elites it does seem that they can have anything for their weddings, but there are still tips us mortals can follow! For wedding entertainment and speeches it does not always have to be funny. I have heard many speeches that have tried too hard to be funny that the point was lost, even though the people performing them are naturally funny! I have found if people are themselves it is more enjoyable for everyone.

Entertainment wise, it is not always necessary to have the same mainstream DJ at your reception. Choose you entertainment based on what you and your other half love. Chances are that your friends will love it too! I went to my husband’s friend’s wedding earlier this year and they had a country barn dance reception, not what I was expecting but a lot of fun! This being said, if you and your partner have very different ideas for the reception, there may have to be some sort of compromise. At the end of the day, however, it is your day so you shouldn’t let other people dictate your choices.

 It’s Up To You!

When you are being inundated with multiple variations of fonts for your invitations, or several shades of the same colour yellow flowers just remember that it will all be worth it on your big day. Of course ask friends and family for their opinions and suggestions, but it is entirely up to you how you want your wedding to be, and maybe the groom could get a say now and then!


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