Interior Design For Children’s Bedrooms

My sister and I both love interior design, but when it came to decorating my niece and nephew’s room this week, we were just going to take the generic route. As we were planning, we got to thinking; kids spend so much time in their rooms, shouldn’t their spaces get the same consideration as the rest of the house? Feeling a little sheepish we decided to approach their rooms like we would our own and focused on the following aspects:

Collecting meaningful pieces

It can be tempting to fully furnish a kid’s room all in one go, just to get it finished. We resisted this urge and started out sparse rather than cramming it full with complete sets of furniture. As with any other space, it’s worth waiting and buying high quality and beautiful pieces. These will be more meaningful and add character to a child’s environment. Although it will take a little more time, you will end up with a collection of items that will stand the test of time, as well as looking fabulous.

Maximise storage

There is a physical law that wherever children live, clutter will build up like there’s no tomorrow. The irresistible joy on their faces when they receive birthday and Christmas presents will mean an ever-growing toy collection. Not to mention them growing out of clothes and interests within months! When planning our scheme, we made sure to include lots and lots of storage solutions. Consider the following for inspiration:

  • Keep under-bed storage organised with pull-out drawers or boxes
  • Create a play-table from an old coffee table and add drawers for small toys
  • Attach crates to the walls for storage and keep them cute by wallpapering or painting the back ground
  • Make reading books a feature by placing them in open-front shelves and colour coordinating
  • Finally, Bunk beds for kids are a great way of saving space

Go neutral

If you imagine a generic child’s room it will most probably be bright with shades of pink, blue or yellow. The problem with these colour schemes, is that they are outgrown incredibly quickly. Additionally, lots of colours and patterns make a room feel smaller and more cluttered – not very relaxing. Choosing a neutral pallet will create a calm environment that feels spacious. We decided on mixing a colour palette of earthy greys teamed beautifully with and mood boosting warm yellow.

Children spend so much time playing, relaxing and sleeping in their rooms that it is so worth taking the time to plan their décor. Choosing meaningful pieces, picking a neutral palette and maximising storage will give your little one a relaxing and spacious environment with character for them to relax and be themselves in.

Do you have any tips about interior design for kids? If so, please leave a comment I’d love to hear them!


Happy Home Furnishings

Are you currently considering changing the decor in your home to change the way in which each room in your home looks? If so, there are numerous areas that you must focus on to make these changes possible. The first thing you are going to need to do before you even set about this task is to determine your spending budget. Will you be making all of these changes at once or will you be doing small changes over a prolonged period?



Every good interior design incorporates the best pieces of furniture coupled with artistic lighting. The furniture and the lighting that you place in your home are factors which enhance its elegance, making it very appealing. Choosing a respected name in the interior design industry can ensure that you’ll only get those pieces that are worth every penny that you have to pay.

People planning to make great changes on their home lean toward the utilisation of Kartell furniture. They utilize new innovation alongside the masterful and inventive personalities of their originators. This blend of artisan components accomplishes incredible by-item which can keep going for the longest period. This organization is driving names with regards to plan and style. Global clients are their predictable clients as they are tricked by their exceptionally motivating and unique pieces.

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The overall interior design of a house can be enhanced by placing the best lighting effect. Lighting is very helpful if you would want to accentuate whatever price of furniture that you place in a room. Or simply, this can serve as the finishing of your interior decor. If what you are looking for is illumination pieces that stand out are just perfect for you. Their furnitures enhance lighting since they are quite soft so that it will not hider the lighting. This can give just enough warmth and very comfortable ambiance in a room. The designs from the collections of this company are one of a kind that you cannot help but adore them. Earthly designs and nature themes are their signature colours. The brown and bronze tones illumination can be strikingly perfect when they are placed outdoors.

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